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Want to contribute

If you want to contribute to this project read the roles presented here to see what one suits you and if you have other (unlisted) skills (Gameplay expert etc) don't hesitate to Contact us. Note that contacting the team can be done via the ways on the Contact page, other methods might not reach us.


Writers are needed to develop the story to a real thriller/adventure story. We aim to create a mixed gameplay that is more than just shooting and running. For this purpose the history of the planet needs to be worked out, the species roaming the universe described and the possible quests/adventures of the player lined out. If you have experience or interested in writing a story for a science fiction based game this might be a good chance.

Important skills:

  • Profient with English language
  • Great fantasy / imagination
  • Innovative ideas
  • Good writing skills
  • Able to discuss possible scenarios with others

Concept artists

To bridge the gap between the written story and very rough sketches the writers create and the detailed 3D graphics the 3D artists can create we need concept artists. The concept artists draws/sketches pictures to accompagny the story of the writers. These sketches are the first visual representation of the game, so very important.

Improtant skills:

  • Able to draw well (either with pencil and paper or CG)
  • Good imagination / vision
  • Interested in sci-fi architecture

3D Artists

The 3D artists create the actual game graphics by creating the levels and models. The 3D artist will be provided with the story and sketches, from that a model should be created.

Important skills:

  • Proficient with 3D modelling tools
  • Good communication with writers/concept artists and textures artists

Texture artists

Create the textures for the levels and models. Basically colouring the environment. This is an important task to get a good and consistant atmosphere in the game.

Skills required:

  • Proficient with Drawing programs like Photoshop or Gimp
  • Eye for detail
  • Knowledge of normal maps, specular maps etc
  • Good communication with 3D artists
  • Possible photography

Sound artists

Sound is an often forgotten factor in game, even though great sound can create an ambience and bad sound can destroy one just as easily. A sound artist is responsible for the sound effects in the game.

Skills required:

  • Proficient with audio programs
  • Proficient with recording audio
  • A good ear

Music artists

To complete the artistic picture music should be added to the game. The game music should include a lot of ambient/quite tracks, but also some stronger music for combat situations. The stronger can be drum & bass or similar music to Unreal has.

Skills required:

  • Able to compose music
  • Proficient with audio programs
  • Able to capture a mood in music


To create an actual game from all the art we need coders. We use Crystal Space for the 3D engine, so that is mostely covered. But for the game logic coders are still needed.

Skills required:

  • C++ and/or Phython
  • Subversion
  • Interested in Game Logic or AI
  • Proficient or willing to learn to work with Crystal Space and CEL

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