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Crystal Core Roadmap

Spoilers ahead, please go back if you don't want to contribute or just spoil your own gaming experience.

This is only roadmap information the real storyline can be found at Storyboard Also for some more information about the planet, it's history, the buidlings, aliens and other things that have to do with the setting see BackGroundInfo

Mini Games

Since the original idea was kind of too ambitious, we will try to work on smaller levels that might or might not connected between each other but fitting in the Crystal Core universe

Set inside the colony ship after the crash, the player wakes up and will have to achieve some simple missions

First Tech Demo

Tech Demo1 TODO

We are now aiming for the first tech demo (release June 24th). This will be a semi-playable game with a few levels, an alien and a few things to show what will be possible. Here is a list of things that we need to do at least for that tech demo:

  • Make the menu system (to start game, save scores, ...) ALMOST DONE:
    • Fix credits.
    • More settings.
  • Make the ingame HUD. ALMOST DONE: some details left to do:
    • Fix medkits appearing multiple times when picking up multiple medkits.
  • Work on one alien model and add some easy AI ALMOST DONE:
    • Alien models need good animations. Current animations are broken.
    • Use attack/die animations.
  • Work on one weapon and the weapon system in game (health, ammo, ...) DONE: for tech demo purposes the system is good enough.
  • Work on one or two connected levels. DONE
  • Work on simple tech demo game logic:
    • Fix the sequences to open/close the door in the hallway.
    • Add a key hidden by some rubble that needs to be blown away using exploding barrels.
    • Add the ability for the player to die.
    • Creature spawn points spawn too fast.
  • Decide on which music to include in it (at least two songs: one for menu and one for in game).
  • Work on sound effects that we can already use:
    • Sound effect for opening/closing door. Use one from older level.
    • Sound effect when hitting creature.
    • Sound effect when being hit by creature.
  • Fix some bugs:
    • Make mouse pointer visible when player returns to menu after game.
    • When window is not focused stop trying to center mouse.

List of maps / buildings required for the demo

List of models required for the demo

We need alot of alien models, so if you want to work on some, and someone else is listed behind the type you want to work with, don't bother just make your own models, we need plenty.

  • Male player model - Bjorn - WORK IN PROGRESS
  • Human player - Juan Martín Belmonte - WORK IN PROGRESS
  • Female player model - NOT STARTED
  • Ch'thda (agressive alien) model(s)
  • Some mutated aliens for in the lab - Genjix - WORK IN PROGRESS
  • The predator alien animals that live in the Hangar part - Tony - WORK IN PROGRESS
  • The alien insect-like (Bit wasp like maybe) creatures that get attracted to the powerstation - Brandano - DONE
  • One or more aliens/monsters that have adapted to environments that include acids and other hazardous materials - NOT STARTED
  • Different alien animals

Every model needs at least the following animations:

  • stand (or idle)
  • walk
  • run
  • jump
  • fight (for creature only)
  • shoot (for actor only)
  • wounded (when being hit by something)
  • death

List of object models

  • Human Health pack - ArcaneNoob - DONE
  • Alien Health device/pack - ArcaneNoob - WORK IN PROGRESS
  • Ammonution
  • Tri Rail

List of weapons

Details about the weapons here.

List of effects

  • Effects for the weapons (using particle systems and whatever).
  • Effects visible around actor when he/she uses a booster.
  • Effects visible around creature when it does some special long range attack.
  • Special shaders for materials: bumpmapping, shiny surfaces, ...

2D Art

  • HUD artwork - ArcaneNoob - DONE
  • Menu artwork (main menu, settings, ...) - Rayden[[SFX] - DONE

2D Concept Art


  • Lynir: Intelligent (original) aliens
  • Ch'thda: agressive alien
  • Some mutated aliens for in the lab
  • The predator alien animals that live in the Hangar part
  • The alien insect-like (Bit wasp like maybe) creatures that get attracted to the powerstation
  • Different alien animals - m4v - WORK IN PROGRESS

List of sounds

  • Environmental sounds (wind, noise) - Rayden[[SFX] - ALMOST DONE
  • Payer sounds (footsteps, xxx) - Rayden[[SFX] - ALMOST DONE
  • Object sounds (steam, open doors, etc) - Rayden[[SFX] - WORK IN PROGRESS


  • Code for HUD - Jorrit - MOSTLY DONE (Health, ammo, inventory are working)
  • Code for menu system - Jorrit - MOSTLY DONE (still needs key control settings)
  • Code for 3D sound integration with maps (property class?) - Jorrit - TO BE DONE
  • Menu sounds - Jorrit - In PROGRESS
  • Entity templates for things like elevators, doors, ... so that those can be used in maps - Jorrit
  • Actor properties - Jorrit - IN PROGRESS health property works.
  • Damage system - Jorrit - IN PROGRESS basic system works.


  • See the AI section

Storyline / Background

  • Make a list of enemies to encounter in the demo
  • Add details to the current draft storyline
  • Create a background story (We have some idea's it, read the background page)
  • Decide what parts to include in the demo and what to leave out

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