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Welcome to the Crystal Core homepage. We just switched the website to a MediaWiki so we are currently in the process of moving the content of the old website to the new one. Stay tuned.

What is Crystal Core

Crystal Core is an open source project (Creative Commons by-nc License V2.5) made with the Crystal Space engine. Our main goal with this game is to show the potential of Crystal Space and to bring interest to the best open source game engine available. But we are also trying to make this game as good as possible with a nice story and lots of gameplay.

If you want to contribute in any way, or if you just want first hand information contact us here.

More info about Crystal Core

Development section - SPOILERS AHEAD

You will find discussion of all aspects of the game below - levels, puzzles, story ... if you want to enjoy the content with the bliss of not knowing what will happen play the game first and read on the wiki later.

Developer Whiteboard - The detailed informaton board, about all aspects of the game. Story, purpose and history of all buildings and other game elements are implemented here.

If you are afraid to get lured into the project too much but still have idea's you can post your Suggestions and Idea's on this special page. Note that everyone is free to add suggestions, idea's and story on every page. This is an open project and everyone is invited to participate.

Crystal Core Team

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