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Project manager

  • Jorrit tyberghein (jorrit) - jorrit.tyberghein at gmail*com - (Programmer and CS manager)
    • Original creator and project manager. Also creator and manager of Crystal Space and CEL. Jorrit is mainly responsible for the coding part of Crystal Core.

Art director

  • Anders Wisur (Xotic) - anders.wisur at gmail*com - (Modeler for CC, made most textures)

Contributor in many fields

  • Raymond Geerts (Rayden[SFX]) - raymond at up-state*nl - (Can help with sound and texturing, mainly sound contributor)
  • Eric Sunshine: The project automation and maintenance, configuration, etc.
  • Hakim Achterberg (Hak`m) - hakm at stack*nl - (Made most of the story, and has contributed in many ways)


  • Wayne Tedder(Deathguppie) - wayne.tedder at gmail*com
  • Pascal Tempier(orogor) - orogor at gmail*com - (Concept art modeler, and texturing)
  • Amir Taaki(genjix) - genjix at gmail*com - (Organic mesh modeler)
  • Bjorn Hansen (not on irc) - grethel at u.washington*edu - (Modeler, mostly characters)
  • Tony ??? (not on irc) - awalker at air-internet*com - (Concept art modeler, Aliens)
  •  ?Arcane Falcon? (ArcaneNoob) - falconnet at gmail*com - (Concept art modeler, weapons, animals, and ships)
  • Ross M. (not on irc) - shbazjinkens at hotmail*com - (Contributed with a female model)
  • Alessandro Garosi(Brandano) - tdo_brandano at hotmail*com (Modeler, vehicles)
  • Andreas ??? (not on irc) - - (Made an Alien model and UV mapped it)

Texture contributors

  • Webmaster LuneRouge (not on irc)- webmaster at lunerouge.org - (Contributet with alot of textures http://www.lunerouge.org/ )

Sound people

  • Jad Nohra (not on irc) - jadnohra at gmail*com - (Made a song for CC, "distand hope.ogg")
  • Creiz (not on irc) - don't know email - (made a nice song for CC, "requiem.ogg")
  • Mark Sanders (CyaNox) - mark at cyanox*nl - (Made a music for CC, made a SFX pack)
  • Raymond Geerts - raymond at up-state*nl - (Made songs for CC and a big SFX pack)
  • Joep Vanlier (Sai`ke) - don't know email - (Make music for CC "ambient.ogg" aka Sai`ke - Cold)

Concept Art

  • Matthew Barrett (FJ) - ohnobees at gmail*com - (Will make some teriffic concept art images)

Other people that have been involved

  • Reed Hedges (reed) - reed at interreality*org
  • infinity (not on irc) - infinity at infinityanalog*com -
  • Thomas Hauth (not on irc) - don't know email - (made a blue laser for the game, we still use)

People who contributed with pictures and concept art

  • bana: pictures
  • Cold Tap
  • Darius Dawidowski
  • Edmark David
  • ghib
  • Niels Karwen
  • Samuel Jenkins
  • Snargle
  • me22 - OFFICIAL *beep* 'er (supposed to be doing AI)

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