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Getting all needed dependencies

First you must get Crystal Space from SVN. See SVN for CS for more information on how to do that. The URL you need is https://crystal.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/crystal/CS/trunk. You can also grab a CVS snapshot however these are currently out of date. Note that the latest stable release of Crystal Space (0.98) will NOT work. You must also make sure you have the needed external libraries for compiling Crystal Space. This is all documented in the platform specific instructions that you can find at Crystal Space Documentation. For Crystal Core you will need the Cal3D library at least (you need the CVS version of Cal3D if you are on a Unix-like platform; the latest release is not recent enough. On Windows the version of Cal3d in the cs-win32libs package is sufficiently recent).

Then, you must get CEL from SVN too. Check out SVN for CEL for more information. The URL is https://cel.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/cel/cel/trunk. You can also grab a CVS snapshot however these are also out of date.

Finally you must get Crystal Core itself. To get Crystal Core you must check out from SVN (see Crystal Core svn repository information ) like this:

 > svn co https://www.crystalspace3d.org/svn/cc/trunk cc

Compiling everything

If you are using a Unix-like platform (including MacOS/X) or you use MingW/MSYS or Cygwin on Windows then the following instructions should work:

 > cd CS
 > ./configure
 > jam
 > cd ../cel
 > export CRYSTAL=../CS
 > export PATH=$PATH:../CS
 > ./configure
 > jam

On a Windows system skip the instructions starting with export and add environment variables for CRYSTAL and CEL with the paths to CS and CEL respectively. For MingW you need to use the format /c/foo/bar/cs/ . For MSVC build the CS/mk/msvc/wkstypical.sln solution CS and cel/msvc/wkscel.sln for CEL.

Running Crystal Core

 > cd ../cc
 > export CEL=../cel
 > export CRYSTAL=../cel
 > export CCDATA=art
 > ./start_crystalcore.sh

Then you can just run the Crystal Core executable and you should arrive at the start menu. You can then choose 'New Game' and then 'Start' to go to the inside of the communication centre. You can walk around and shoot laser (ctrl key while aiming on screen).

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